Is your time worth $72 per hour?

I did the math behind making your own jam and now I think making your own jam is one of the best uses of your time possible.  It is easy too!  As an added bonus, you know exactly what ingredients are going into that jar:  there are only 4 ingredients.  I wrote more about it on the North Texas Vegetable Gardeners post “The Economics of Making Your Own”.

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2 Responses to Is your time worth $72 per hour?

  1. Nancy says:

    Good job. You shouldn’t notice a difference leaving the stems on. When I put strawberries in my smoothies you cannot taste them at all and I don’t add any white sugar to my smoothies, so with all the sugar you put into the jam there can’t be any way you taste anything different. :)

    • Brian says:

      cool, I still haven’t tried the jam myself, but I hear it is REALLY sweet. I probably could have backed off the sugar some!

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