Family Pictures – 2014

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Data Type Comparison Chart

When I switch between different systems, I get confused about what size a certain data type represents , so I made this chart:

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Add Virtual Network Interface to Ethernet Card

Want your single physical network adapter to have multiple addresses?  In Linux, it is very easy to add new addresses to your existing card, just use the ifconfig command:

$ sudo ifconfig eth1:0

(eth1 is the physical adapter, 0 is the first virtual adaptor)

Idea from


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Wire Theft Detection System

Here is a pretty neat little project I just finished up that will detect if wire is stolen, and then send out email and text messages alerting a team of people of the event.  It is in a remote area, so we used a cellular-based data modem to provide access to the Internet.  The 2 videos below show the main components set up on my desk as I was getting it configured and programmed.



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Gray Card for Photography

Create your own gray card by using photo editing software:

  • fill with black
  • adjust opacity to 50%


(or just print this png)

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Razor Dune Buggy w/ 500w motor, 36v battery

Our Razor Dune Buggy is finished now.  Here is a quick video showing it off with the new parts:

List of changed components from the original configuration:

Here is a list of parts I ordered from Continue reading

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sparkygeek3   I created a new website at to serve as a landing page for my professional contacts.  The graphic is of a pocket protector with a lightening bolt behind it.  Pretty geeky huh?


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BBQ Grill Burners and Heat Plates

For $40, I was able to have 3 new burners and 3 new stainless steel heat plates shipped to my door.  The reason I thought this was so great is last time I bought new burners, I paid $60 for 3 of them.  Love the free market and the Internet!

Charmglow 720-0036-HD-05 or 720-0036-HD

Pipe Burners are 16-13/16″ x 1″

Heat Plates are 17-1/4″ x 6-15/16″

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Bryson and Aiden at a Petting Zoo

The boys got to hang out with some friendly animals today.  Aiden was pretty funny, he wasn’t too sure how to hold or touch them.  Bryson took right to it.

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Playhouse Expansion

Six months after we’ve moved in I’m finally getting to the task of setting up the playhouse we brought with us from the old house.  Side note:  Bryson told me this weekend he remembers going to someone’s house and taking it apart and bringing it home, then adding more to it — so it has sentimental value now!  I wanted to connect the two playhouses together with some sort of bridge.  I finally decided on a simple rigid bridge is what I wanted.

10370366_10154582886150608_304957754483865219_n Continue reading

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