Quadrasteer / Dana 60 Axle Differences and Similarities

The quadrasteer variant of the Dana 60 has 12 bolt holes instead of 10.  A standard gasket is shown on the right.

If you call a Dana Spicer dealer, they will want to know the “Bill of Materials” or “Build Number”.  Mine is 606932-3.  This is  not a very common axle, it won’t be in their database, and the dealer will have to call Dana directly to get you what you need.  Most likely, unless you spend lots of money with the dealer and they know you well, they will not be very helpful or friendly.  Such is life.  So far, I’ve found that everything inside the housing are normal Dana 60 parts, except the carrier.

At some point they (Dana Spicer) stopped using the well-known number “60” to describe this axle.  The model number is 248.  This number is stamped into the housing in 2 different areas.

The original carrier is a Dana Trac-Lok positraction unit.  Since the axle is semi-floating design with c-clips that hold the inner axle shafts to the carrier, you can’t upgrade to the stronger Dana Powr-Lok or a Detroit Locker.  I ordered a standard “3-series” Dana 60 Trac-Lok replacement, and I got a unit that was shorter than the one I pulled out of the axle.  It would require 3/16″ worth of shims to make it work, so I’m pretty sure it is wrong.  I haven’t determined if the original carrier is a odd part, or the one shipped to me was wrong.

The carrier is available from GM (part number below).  Cost is $477 from your local stealership, or less than $300 on gmpartsdirect.com.

Axle shafts are the standard 35-spline “fat” type.  The quadrasteer axles use a CV-joint instead of the standard u-joint though.  Since the CV-joint allows axial movement, the inner shaft has to be secured to the differential carrier with c-clips.

The pinion shaft is the standard 29-spline type.  Pinion preload is set using shims on this axle.  Some other Dana 60 axles use crush washers instead of shims.

Lots of pictures and explanation of how to remove the axle and components are covered in other post I made about this subject.

Here is a low-resolution diagram from the GM parts catalog of the quadrasteer axle.  (image TC05-615)

GM Part numbers:

1) 89026803 pinion nut
19) 26091741 outer seal
27) 26091711 Carrier (loaded with Trac-Lok posi) (Dana calls it the case) (Dana part number 50798)
33) 88936343 inner seal
39) short shoulder bolt (qty 11, there is one long bolt used also)
44) cover/steering assembly gasket

NOTE:  to see all my posts about the Dana 60 Axle, click here.

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62 Responses to Quadrasteer / Dana 60 Axle Differences and Similarities

  1. Chris Chase says:

    Brian My upper tie rod is worn and need a replacement part and cannot find anything online for the part could this part cross over to another dana part? Thanks For your time.

  2. Kyle Archie says:

    I have a 2005 3/4 ton GMC Yukon XL 2500 it has the quadrasteer and the right lower ball joint is going bad and the part number gm states is 88967080 whick is a kit for the lower and upper ball joint on the right rear of the quadrasteer axle. Now gm has discontinued the parts and basically said to replace the axle to a straight axle. No other companies have made these parts do you know of a source for these ball joints

  3. Ross says:

    Brian, GM calls for a special type of Fluid for the Quadrasteer axle (gm# 12378557 @$34.33 qt) did you use this after you got your axle back together?

    • Brian says:

      Ross, I did not go back with the GM special fluid. I read somewhere else (no proof) that the GM fluid has double the amount of limited-slip additive in it. I used an off-the-shelf synthetic fluid (after the break-in period).

      I will say that I do quite a bit of chatter around corners now, but I haven’t added more additive to see if that resolves it.

      • Ross says:

        that’s were I’m @ – little bit of noise / chatter. I’m @100k on the clock, & had my Yuke since 04. time to change all the fluids! I bought some mobil1 I was going to use but after talking to the steelership about capacity. I am having 2nd thoughts? were did you purchase your diff gasket – I was quoted, it was a special order and was $75 beans?? – ouch!

  4. Chris Chase says:

    Ross, I believe Royal Purple makes a synthetic oil that is similar to GM’s

  5. James B says:

    Hi Brian I have a 03 1500hd with the much loved quadrasteer, well that was till I went to the dealership today. . . long story short, up words of $3000 for an complete axle overhaul. My question is I noticed you have a rear axle diagram as well as some of the part #s. Im in need of more information of that diagram and the corresponding part #s to it. The dealer is useless for this info I noticed, and your right gmpartsdirect is about 20% cheaper then the dealer. By the sounds of it you did a complete overhaul yourself, how much did it end up costing you in the end?

    And thank you for taking the time to do these post!

    • Brian says:

      If I remember correctly, I spent about $800 to $1000 on parts, and then some more on tools I didn’t have.

  6. Brian says:

    DANA/Spicer part numbers:
    pinion seal: 9316 or 42449
    pinion nut: 30271

    cost $15 from driveline.com (plus $12 shipping)

  7. Ted says:

    My 2003 GMC Denali quardrasteer pickup, the rear sounds like its about to
    blow. changed fluid twice. It sounds like its binding up sometimes and other
    times it sounds OK. What ever information you can give that can help me
    would be appreciated.

    • Brian says:

      Only thing I know to do is pull the cover off (which for us quadrasteer folks is a pain) and check things out. Pretty easy to measure backlash, and gear and bearing issues will be pretty obvious once you have the cover off.

  8. ross says:

    I replaced the rear fluid,
    With gm quadrasteer fluid n the chatter seems to have gone away

  9. Cameron says:

    Hi, i have a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 Quadrasteer and when u first put it in gear, i hear clicking, or ticking noises from the rear wheels, it sounds like its in the cv joints?? it makes this noise whenever the truck starts to move. Any suggestions?? Help!!

    • Brian says:

      do you have play in the joints?

    • Andrew says:

      I too have a quadrasteer. 2004 GMC 2500 Sierra with 149k on it. When I accelerate in either direction i get the cracking noise. I also have driveline vibrations.

      I recently pulled the driver’s side appart, re-tightened the axle bolt, greased it all up, re-assembled, and now I have no ticking noise on my drivers side.

      I recently changed the fluid with mobil1 75w-90 gear oil and noticed I have some form of teeth sitting on the bottom, and lots of metal. I drove it for a week and changed it again. No clicking sound from the driver’s side still. I have driveline vibrations that happen in succession of threes, which seems to have improved.

      It is crucial you at least change the fluid to stick your pinky up through the drain hole and inspect for excessive ammounts of metal, as well as teeth. SOME metal is ok, teeth and lots of metal screams that you have a problem.

      As to Brian,

      I haven’t pulled off my cover. What do you think these teeth are to? I’m prepared to spend a grand unfortunately.

      Thanks in advance and I hope my words are worth something!

  10. John says:

    I have a 2003 GMC 1500HD quadrasteer and the dash advises to service 4wheel steer, both rear tires have locked turned to the right, the dealership advised I have to purchase another whole rear end for 2 parts, the rear steering component and cover for a total cost of $3300. the dealership gathered this info by not even taking part the rear cover of the differential but by calling a GM engineer. Does not sound right and to expensive, I replaced a sensor about 3 years ago which seems more reasonable as apart. Any ideas on what could be causing the rear wheels stuck like this and does those compents seem right for having to buy a whole new rear end just for those parts.

    • Brian says:

      nope, but the knowledge of how to troubleshoot these parts doesn’t seem to be very common. My guess is that they don’t want to put forth the effort to figure it out, easiest to replace it all and take your cash. Unfortunately, your choices are somewhat limited! sorry!

    • Chris says:

      john: Where can i get a sensor? Having much trouble finding one.

  11. Chris Chase says:

    Hey I have a 04 2500 and mine states service 4wheel steer and it locked one time and I shut the truck off, turned it back on and it went away. I have some friends that work at the Service department and I am taking it in next week for them to check it out. I will post with the results.

    • Brian says:

      Chris, mine does that every once in a while. I’ve never figured out why. Please let us know what you find!

  12. James says:

    My 2003-1500HD crew Quadrasteer. The dash advises to service 4wheel steer, both rear tires have locked turned to the right, the controller fixed these for me. But the GMC dealer in Lake Charles LA used a sledgehammer and a come along to straiten the wheels. They did not remove the elk motor when they did these I now have a noses in the rack. I found a rack and pinion shop in Indianapolis IN. that says they can overhaul the Quadrasteer. I am now looking for an IPC for the rack.

  13. Andre says:

    02 GMC Sierra Denali here as I have found out over the years the Dealers do not know CRAP about the quadrasteer most have never even seen one. I have had the sensor go out took almost 2 years to get that. The computer I just replaced got lucky to find one out of a wrecked unit CANNOT buy a new one which if it was available it would be $1500. Now the Electric motor is going out. Which you can find at GMPARTSEAST part # 26091591. I was told from a friend at gm that there was only 1,500 of these made. I hate to get rid of it but putting more and more money in it SUCKS. While the trade in value is high 9500 might be worth it.

  14. Marshall says:

    I am having the same problems with my 2002 -1500. Is there someone at GM that we can call and have them do something about this. We all took a chance with this new product (quadrasteer) starting in 2002. They (GM) knew right from the start that there has been a problem but offered no resolution to this annoying problem. I am so frustrated if you have any suggestions for third problem I would appreciate it very much.
    I have about 145,000 on my truck now and have redone my diff at least 3 times, the last time was about 6000 Klicks ago.

  15. Georgie Robichaud says:

    Georgie How much does it cost to ship all the rear ball joint to New Brunswick, Canada. GM is no help on the situstion. I have a 2002, 1500 pick up Quadrasteer with 156,000KM. Thank guys for all the information.

  16. Frank Erardi says:

    I have a 2005 silverado 1500HD quadrasteer went out and stays locked to the right and crabs down the street and eventually locks to 2 wheel steer. Any idea what has gone wrong have 150k on truck. I can drive in locked position fine but would like to fix problem any Ideas.

  17. Dan says:

    I have a 2003 1500HD Crew cab 4wd that I ordered from dealer. The truck has 252,000 miles on it and has not had a single part or repair to the drivetrain (except a pinhole iat 70k mi in the transfer case and midshaft bearings). I will keep this truck for as long as possible and putting $3k in rear end after all these miles does’t sour me on the virtues of quadrasteer in long wheel based vehicle. GM should have floor planned these trucks and volunteered (forced) a test drive to any prospective truck buyer. Had they done this, mechanics, parts and knowledge wouldn’t be so thin on the package. I went around the block and I was 100% sold on the option.

    Recentlly the rear end started whining as the truck decelerated. I took it in to original dealer I bought it from. They have an excellent transmision/ drivetrain man (John at Jim Hudson GMC in Columbia SC). It turns out (in spite of 252,000 mi. of trouble free service) I was not putting enough lubricant in differential when changing the lube. I learned yesterday from John, that the transfer case needs to be filled till the lube runs out of the filler hole, replace the plug (hand tight) then wait 5-10 minutes and remove the plug and recheck the level. I turns out that the gear oil takes time to fill the axle tubes. The level when finished should be between 5/8″ – 3/4″ below the bottom of the filler plug. I have changed the diff lube every 30,000 miles since getting the truck. If the rear end makes any chattering noise when making a sharp turn, the fluid should be changed right away.

    In reading this blog, I thought I was very lucky for this kind of life from the rear end. It turns out had I been correctly changing the lube, I may have gotten more life out of the ring and pinion.

  18. Logan says:

    I also have a 2003 1500HD with quadrasteer and I am getting the ticking or clicking sound like mentioned in a previous post. I think it could be the drive shaft u-joints but I am wondering about the rear CV-joints. If I did need to replace them do you know where I could get them. I have had the problem where the rear wheels will stay turned and the lock back to 2 wheel steer, this is usually caused by a bad rear wheel position sensor or a bad connection in this sensors wiring.

  19. Logan says:

    Do you have any idea where I could find the axle shafts it seems that the cv joints in mine are going out.

    • MIGUEL ANGEL says:


  20. Joshua Allen says:

    I have information on this if anyone is intrested

  21. MIGUEL ANGEL says:


  22. MIGUEL ANGEL says:


  23. Tom says:

    I have a 2002 Denali with quadrasteer. I see some similar issues noted by others. Service 4 wheel steer light has come on occasionally for years and wheels switch to 2 wheel, aligned ok. But finally the light has stayed on apparently permanently. Dealer says rack and pinion system needs replacement. Since it started at just over 40k miles (now 100k), and has been intermittent these last 6 or so years, I am questioning the intermittent failure of the rack and pinion system. Sensor sounds more logical. Did anyone ever run this issue to ground?

  24. Ben says:

    If you turn the steering wheel as you crank the truck the 4 wheel steer will kick up a service light. Don’t touch the wheel while cranking.

  25. Chip Chester says:

    Joshua up above wrote: “I also have the overhaul information as well as the electronic side of it. Can post somewhere or email the pdf’s.”

    Do you recall if he actually sent you info? I’d be interested in it, as well…

    I have a ’03 Suburban 2500 Quadrasteer, with 90k on it. I’ve had just a few ‘crab steer’ instances, which are usually after curb shots. Re-starts have solved them all so far.

    Axle chattering on parking lot turns is the signal to change the fluid. Clears it right up. Local dealer said in the early days, they could not find the cause of this chatter, and ended up rebuilding or replacing about 4 rear ends on two different trucks before someone noticed the special fluid **that was mentioned by part number in the owners manual**. Oops.

    I just bought four quarts from the dealer today — $20 per quart. (There’s a new part number, though. Can post if desired, but it was crossed from the manual’s number.)

    Only other Quadrasteer issue has been the braided copper ground strap from the wiring harness to the computer. Literally fell apart in my had when I touched it. It looks like the drain for the shield of the main power cables to the motor. I stripped it back to good metal, and attached a 4ga battery cable to make the connection. May be overkill, but the braid has fairly large cross-sectional area…

    Anyone know where the Quadrasteer website content ended up?

    Thanks for the topic on the blog.

    Chip Chester

    • Tanker says:

      Chip, was the ground strap in the r/h corner of the module? I have an empty connector there and am trying to figure what was there and where it goes to. Where is the other end of the strap connected to?

  26. Sterling Russell says:

    Is it possible to replace the quadrasteer with a rear end from a regular 1500? I have a 2004 silverado 1500 lt quadrasteer and it ain’t nothing but issues. The truck has really low miles so I don’t really want to sell it. I just want to get rid of the quadrasteer(quadrajunk). Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Please send me a text or email if you have any info.


  27. tyler says:

    hello, I just bought a 2003 quadrasteer, 165,000km, changed the rear differential fluid with penzoil synthetic 75w90, and added 100 ml of lucas oil (thick sticky stuff). Is it ok to add lucas in the rear diff. of a quadrasteer?

    bc canada

  28. Derrick swiler says:

    Can I put regular dana 60 shafts in my qs?

  29. A.Solano says:

    I want to replace both rear cv joints on my 2005 Suburban 2500 with Quadrasteer.Do you know of a supplier that has these parts?

  30. steve says:

    Brian, is there any way to manually operate the rear steer? A switch upgrade or ?

    A gm mechanic mentioned it and I’ve owned two and never heard of it?…

  31. cody l says:

    is there any chance u could take the steering knuckles and weld onto a gm 14 bolt for rear steer. Is there a way to set a spindle and bearings or even a unit bearing but have the end of the axle bolted so it is still a full floater. Bc I want the Detroit locker

  32. Katie says:

    GMC Sierra 1500HD and was told the rear wheel steering actuator motor is out. I cannot find a single thing online about this particular part. Any help would be appreciated, especially a part number.

    • donnie says:

      Katie, please let me know if you find something out I have been dealing with this problem for two years and it seems to me that GM AND their mechanics DON’T HAVE A FUCKEN CLUE. neither does the manufacture. Delta Remey are the ones who Gm buys this qudrasteer from. problems can usually get answered from. you have to check your fuses first, then go start with the sensors for the rear wheel steer, then if all else fails go and see if the motor is out because there are NO know replacement parts for it sorry but I hope that this helps you . I love my quadrasteer would like it if I cant keep it?

  33. Mark Swensen says:

    I have a 2005 Chevy 1500HD with Quadrasteer. Only has 100,000 miles on it. Hasn’t been a daily driver, so haven’t killed it. Just had rear diff fluid changed and they found metal shavings in the fluid. Some are an inch long and quarter in wide, but thin. The shop had never touched a quadrasteer axle, Going to have them refill the diff and see how it acts. Anyone seen shavings like this before? Changed fluid at 50,000, then 75,000 miles, now again at 100,000.

  34. Matt says:

    I have an 03 GMC Sierra 1500HD with quadrasteer and the rear wheel bearing slash hub is no where to be found in the US… So I’m about to either sell as a whole for parts or send to the junk yard… Only way to fix is to replace the rear end with a straight axle…any info suggestions email me at sdscooby2016@gmail.com… I will take $2000 for the entire truck or its going to junk yard

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