New Pulley for Quadzilla

So after a day of going through the vacuum system on Betty and failing to fix the transmission shift problem (but learning what all those plastic hoses go to), I decided to spend a little time on quadzilla. I’ve had a noisy belt problem for a long time now, so I figured it was a good time to get that resolved. I also wanted to change out the supercharger pulley with a smaller one to get a little more airflow, you know, because airflow is a really good thing. As usual, my driveway started to accumulate parts.
img_4825 Fan shroud, supercharger, filter, and the FMU (gone for good). The engine compartment looks empty without all that stuff in there. img_4826
img_4832 I cleaned up all the oil and grime and put the blower in the vice to make the pulley change easy. (you pretty much have to have an impact wrench to get that pulley bolt off). I also replaced the top idler pulley; it was starting to feel rough. I think this is the 3rd one I’ve replaced. img_4841
img_4833 My pulley collection. Original was 4.25″ and produced 8psi, the second one is 3.7″ and made about 10psi, and the new one is 3.4″. I don’t know what it will do yet, my tune is not up to snuff and I haven’t pushed it yet, but I did notice more bypass chirping noise at 70MPH today, so I know it is blowing more air.
img_4842 The Procharger rep couldn’t tell me what size of belt I needed. He said it would probably be a 111.5″ or a 111.0″. img_4843 The second picture shows my old 111.625 belt (probably stretched a little) with the tensioner held off all the way. 1.5″ of deflection over a 6″ span is how much belt? (I’ll have to ask some of my smart friends to solve that one) I did solve my belt noise problem. I took a toothbrush and degreaser to all the pulleys and the belt too. Total cleanness seems to be the secret.

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