Entry for November 26, 2007 – Exploding Faucet

I was in the process of feeding Bryson and Amber was cooking dinner when all of a sudden, we heard water spraying from under the sink. When I opened up the cabinet door, I could see water spraying from somewhere in the back. Turns out one of the fittings on our faucet decided to give up. What a mess! I wound up buying a whole new faucet because ours was wiggling a little in the sink, and after looking at the underside, I could see that rust and corrosion had set in, preventing me from tightening it down. I had to cut the old faucet apart with a dremel wheel because of the corrosion.

I recommend against using copper pipe with rubber compression fittings… I never would have imagined that a fitting would just give out like it did…. I’m just glad we were home when it happened. I’ll always use braided hose with crimped couplings from now on!

It was a comedy of errors tonight:

Bryson got me with a good one. He snuck his foot up and kicked the food bowl out of my hand and onto my chest when I was feeding him. …baby food everywhere.

I decided to use the shop vac to clean up all the water under the sink and floor. It worked great, for a while, then it started shooting mud out the top like a volcano. I guess the filter was very dirty and then became saturated with water… Now we had to clean mud off of everything, plus the original water.

Bryson was pissed off beyond belief… not sure if interrupting his meal made him mad, or the shop vac noise or what, but Amber spent an hour with him screaming his head off while I was dealing with the sink.

I’ve got to be at work at 6:30, then a 4 hour drive, so I’ve got a long day ahead of me!

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