So what’s the point to this website? I hope to share humor and various tidbits I find interesting or important.  I believe the Internet provides us humans an unprecedented opportunity to share information, and I’ve benefited greatly from other people’s information they have passed along freely.  This is the essence and spirit of humanity and is reflected in the free and open Internet.  I also believe it is our responsibility to help others, so to some degree, this is one of my attempts to do just that.

I’ll also pass along some stories and pictures of my family.

Back before we used computers and complicated our lives with technology, I believe people did this sort of thing ‘in person’, but that is just a rumor.

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  1. Bonnie gallimore says:

    you dont know me but my name is b gallimore. I live in SC
    I would like to know where you were born and if you might be related to me. Dont worry I’m not after any money. Lol. You can contact me at foxelady66@yahoo.com
    thank you

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