Windows PPTP VPN Setup on LinuxMint 17

After poking around for too long, I finally found the solution to connecting to a standard Windows server PPTP VPN from LinuxMint 17.  (from  I’m posting here to make it easy to find again.

  1. Click the NetworkManager Applet
  2. VPN Connection -> Configure VPN -> -> Add
  3. Choose -> Create
  4. Fill out those gateway, username, password and click Advanced
  5. In Authentication section, CANCEL <PAP>, <CHAP>, and <EAP>, KEEP ONLY <MSCHAP> and <MSCHAPv2> SELECTED.
  6. In Security and Compression section, SELECT <Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)>, and choose Security to be <All Available (Default)>
    OK -> Accept -> Close
  7. Now click the NetworkManager Applet
  8. Click VPN Connection and click the profile you just created.
  9. Wait for few seconds till it get connected.
  10. Done.
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