Fastenal Vending Machine

Another Fastenal vending machine going in today.  I don’t know how a company saves money by installing these… the machine alone has to cost $20,000.




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2 Responses to Fastenal Vending Machine

  1. Kalla Alexander says:

    You’re right Brian. That’s why Fastenal bears the cost of the machine that way our customers can focus on the savings and we have the opportunity to build a long term relationship with them!

  2. Randy Slane says:

    Industrial Vending is a powerful tool. Industrial Distributors will never make a profit doing it while making their customer happy. There are many reasons for this I can discuss at great length, but there is a better way. If Fastenal is your preferred supply provider, then keep using them. Buy your own machine and let them stock it. This way you can get the type of machine you like (Fastenal only carries one brand) and they can stock it without worrying about whether they are making the profit necessary to pay for their “free machine”. The lease rate on a quality American Made Machine is typically much less than what they charge as a maintenance charge.

    Randy Slane

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