Bits and Bobs – February 14, 2013

‎”Initiate. Problem Solve. Add Value. Be self motivated. Be low maintenance. Be low drama. You’ll rarely hurt for a great job.” -Tim Keller

Caught on Camera: Joe Biden admits gun control will not stop mass shootings or save lives

I found a good summary of BO SOTU speech:

“I promise to give you more stuff, and force other people to make your life better, because you people are too stupid to realize that I can’t do anything but deliberately enslave your children and destroy your economy. But thanks for the second term…I have a lot of rich people to pillage, and only a few years to do it before handing this seat to Hillary. Now, let’s get busy.”

and from Ben Swann
“Pres. Obama “we can’t cut our way to prosperity” but can we “spend our way to a collapse”?

I sure would like one of these…

AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!!

Pics and Memes:

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