News, Links, MEMEs – January 30, 2013

Ummm, yeah, I’m positive I have this problem!

Libertarian types are disproportionately rationalists of an analytical bent. They are therefore prone to the quaint but false idea that the best way to win a supporter is explain one’s view logically to as many people as possible.

The Liberty Movement Must Ask the Most Important Question

This is great insight why the liberty movement has not gained more popular support.  It is foolish to think ‘we the people’ will educate themselves on issues and reason their way to a conclusion.  We are tribal animals, and will move around as such… the liberty movement needs to understand this and provide action that fits the situation.

And while we are on that subject:

Why Are Voters So Uninformed?

NO, The Father of Sandy Hook Victim Was Not Heckled!

Save Us Chuck – Background Checks

Ted Cruz Responds to Emanuel

normally politicians don’t stand up to the man who has earned the nickname “The Godfather”, but well, Senator Cruz is a Texan

Here is a clip of a new report on the subject:

Megyn Kelly Reports on Sen. Ted Cruz’s Letter to Gun Manufacturers and Mayor Emanuel

Pictures, MEMEs, and posters:

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