Shoot FMJ at Gibson’s Outpost

As far as I know, the only gun range near DFW that lets people shoot FMJ ammo is Gibson’s Outpost in Mesquite.  It is pretty old and dusty, but only costs $12 to shoot all day.  You have to get a membership card, which costs $8 and is good for a year.  They have pistol range in 10 and 25 yds, and rifle ranges in 50, 100, and 200 yd.

It gets mixed reviews on google, and I can see why.  The man showed me two holes in their wall from ‘unloaded’ guns brought into the store.  One of the biggest pluses for me was that this place is likely a big turn off to yuppie-types.

There is old stuff stacked everywhere, with a thick layer of dust on most everything.  They let you bring in your own targets and let you borrow tools if you need them too.  The shooting booths at the rifle range are concrete tables, mostly right-hand layouts, and pretty close together.  They call a cease-fire every 20 minutes or so and check every gun to make sure they are all unloaded.  Overall, it was a good experience and I’ll definitely go back, especially since I have lots of cheap FMJ ammo to shoot!

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3 Responses to Shoot FMJ at Gibson’s Outpost

  1. Brad says:

    I have never been there as I am fairly new to Dallas area – but have been to most of the indoor ranges. But there’s nothing like shooting outdoors, so I really want to check this place out. Since they are the only place that allows FMJ this place is my last hope – aside from buying some acreage.

    How would you rate the overall experience? Worst thing I keep hearing about this place is the “son”. This guy has become infamous by being a real prick from the sounds of it.

  2. Steve says:

    I have shot there on many occasions and have never had a problem. The first time we went there was shortly after my wife and I moved her from California. This was in 2012. The older gentleman and his wife were in the office and couldn’t have been nicer. The owner’s wife and my wife struck up an immediate conversion. As far as the so called “prick son” goes, I made the mistake of shooting inexpensive steel case ammo in my very expensive M & P 15 AR and proceeded to get a case stuck in the chamber. He went to the office, came back with a cleaning rod and removed the stuck case for me and then explained how to clean and polish the chamber to remove the gunk left behind by the steel case. I guess a “prick” would have just said “pack up your stuff and go home”.
    Oh, did I mention, when we left, he smiled and waved.

    Steve & Angel

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