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One of my personal goals is to teach myself how to program in java. After falling asleep while reading tutorials, I clicked on youtube and then found Bucky Robert’s java tutorials. They are good. After going through the first 18, I clicked on his website thenewboston.org, and read this on the ‘about’ page:

I soon realized that these videos were something more than just another cat video on YouTube. They were a gateway to a higher education, for free. While Universities and Corporations were charging like crazy for people to receive an education, people could come and watch my videos and get the same information for no cost at all. I decided that this is the way it would be. An education should be free for everyone who desires one. It should not be a business. And quickly, that became my goal.

So, while most assholes who declare ‘education should be free’ really mean someone else should pay for a the bloated over-priced scam that is the state-run higher education system, this guy is actually doing it. He is educating people for free, at his own expense! Based on his youtube channel‘s stats, I’d say he is doing a great job of it too!

Hats off and many thanks to Bucky.  This type of action is the future.  Individuals providing, for free or near-free, what huge organizations provide for huge piles of money.  Doing it better, more efficiently, and more effectively.  Here is my favorite part:  He is doing it because he thinks it is the right thing to do, and (hopefully) he is making a living teaching what he loves to others.  By the way, rah rah free Internet (as in freedom).  Let’s keep it that way!

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  1. Modifiable Lvalue says:

    Greg “Bucky” Roberts is a scam artist.

    Proof: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Helping-Hand-Cancer/Internet-Nationwide/Helping-Hand-Cancer-Takes-donations-fraudulent-Internet-New-York-339673

    He uses the tutorials as a front. It’s not “free”; It’s a gateway to your credit card.

    He encourages you to use his website, which is a bitcoin marketplace and advertising organisation (does the second part seem familiar from the scam report above?)

    Have you read the terms of service? “You acknowledge that Owner will know passwords that You may use to access the Site. You acknowledge and agree that You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any such information and passwords, and accept responsibility for all activities that occur under Your account or password. Owner takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted or submitted by You or any users of Your account.”

    In other words, according to the contract he knows your password and is allowed to use it for any reason he wants, including stealing all of your bitcoins before he discards the domain.

    I wonder how many people saw any promises kept by his indie go go campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/how-to-pick-up-girls-youtube-series

    It would be wise to withdraw your support for a scam artist.

    • Will says:

      I honestly can’t tell whether you are just trolling or not.

      Let’s begin with that “proof” that you put forward. That is just some random article about a scam that, yes, is disturing to read indeed. However, I fail to see in what way this refers to Bucky Roberts.

      Following this, you go on to say that “it is a gateway to your credit card”. I’ve been following Bucky’s tutorials for several years now and I have never had to pay a single penny. This is true for thousands of other people too I am sure.

      Moving on, you quote from a bit of the terms of service from his site. Now I am not a lawyer, so I feel that it would be better for me not to comment on this. I will say this though, I am registered for his site, as well as thousands of others, and I’ve seen no incidents of password nor bitcoin theft.

      It’s a shame that someone who has helped thousands of people, including myself, move towards their dreams should have their integrity questioned by people like you. As the article above states: “Hats off and many thanks to Bucky. This type of action is the future. “.

      • Modifiable Lvalue says:


        The article cited does indeed mention “Greg Roberts”, who may or may not be the same person. Buckys website, thenewboston.com, is coincidentally registered to a person named “Greg Roberts”. Yes, that is his real name. Proof: http://whois.domaintools.com/thenewboston.com shows the domain registration.

        In one of his earliest videos, Bucky reveals that he was indeed involved in something by the name of “helping hand cancer”, as the search history he inadvertently captured shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwJujkxYLZs&t=0m50s

        All of this information is dated before Bucky became an “internet sensation”, so the odds that somebody was targeting him to defame him back then are minimal.

        The “how to pick up girls” indie-go-go campaign wasn’t the only one he didn’t follow through with. In 2013 he raised $5000 to start an “open source social network”. Proof: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-create-an-open-source-social-network

        That was codenamed “Project Lisa” at the time, though it later went on to become BuckysRoom. He disappeared for quite a while after that, and his domains were in danger of expiring when he returned. Where’s the source code, Will? Did everyone else forget about that promise?

        When Bucky came back, and set up BuckysRoom, he forwarded tnbforum.com to his new website and the bugs started flowing in because the code wasn’t thoroughly tested. One of the “bugs” was robbie_test.php: https://github.com/MCKapur/BuckysRoom/blob/master/robbie_test.php… This “bug” allowed you to change your user id to anybody elses, without the requirement of a password. Bitcoins certainly went missing at this point in time. I remember it happening.

        Would you believe he tried to raise even more money for that same project, under a different guise? Apparently it was supposed to be a “bitcoin social network”: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bitcoin-social-network-and-marketplace

        Thankfully only $9 was raised, because it’s yet another “broken promise”… Have you checked out the “bitcoin social network and marketplace” lately? Have you noticed that his website no longer even has links to a bitcoin market? Where did all of the bitcoins go, Will?

        What are you insinuating with language such as “people like you”? Are you aware that I was one of the dozen or so loyal followers on the forums who would help people out when they have problems with Buckys tutorials? It might be best to refrain from being so judgemental, and listen a little bit more…

        • Modifiable Lvalue says:

          Ohh, and before you ask, github use MCKapur is Rohan Kapur, NOT Greg “Bucky” Roberts… Rohan Kapur is not responsible for fulfilling Buckys promises. Bucky is.

  2. Farthing Panther says:

    How are the tutorials not free again? I’ve been learning C, C++ and currently Java from Bucky and I haven’t had to sign up for anything, much less spend a single penny.

    • Modifiable Lvalue says:

      Watch in awe as Bucky Roberts blatantly calls his viewers “idiots”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwJujkxYLZs

      The tutorials are free (as in ‘beer’), though you get what you pay for. If you seriously believe that Bucky is a reputable scholar, then I suggest that you put that theory to the test… Would a reputable teacher EVER call their students “idiots”? Would a reputable teacher use this kind of conceited tone and language? If this is freedom, well, fuck your freedom buddy, I’ll pay $20 for a book if I know it won’t treat me like I’m mentally handicapped.

      Of all the technologies he teaches, there are experts who you can trust know their stuff. These experts design the compilers and web browsers you use, and they do so based at least partially on various standards. The standards they conform to are published on the internet for free (as in ‘beer’).

      If everything Bucky teaches is true and accurate, then those experts will consider him reputable, and he’ll have no problems pulling citations for the things that people think are wrong.

      The problem is he doesn’t give a shit. He’s not interested in planning his work, having his plans reviewed and critiqued by experts, fixing the errors they find or even rehearsing for his videos, hence all of the “uhhms” and “uhhhs”.

      NO! He isn’t interested in teaching, or else he’d care that his shit is… shit. The videos he publishes might be free (and you get what you pay for), but, well… He’s hiding his motif behind that. He’s using that as a front to establish trust. It’s not uncommon for scam artists to come up with free “promos”.

      • manasitilak says:

        Dude, what is wrong with you . Don’t you have anything better to do with your life. Tsk Tsk. This is just so sad. I pity you . Really I do.

        • Modifiable Lvalue says:

          You appear to be implying that helping students is a bad thing, or that it’s useless…

          There are many hundreds of thousands of users of stackoverflow, just as one example, who would disagree with you on this point. I myself am a user of stackoverflow, though I’ve been idle for years… Despite being idle for years, my reputation continues to increase at a slow, but steady pace. See for yourself: http://stackoverflow.com/users/1989425/undefined-behaviour?tab=reputation&sort=graph

          Where is your StackOverflow account, Mashu Tilak?

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  4. modifiable.lvalue@gmail.com says:

    In 2014 I wrote “In other words, according to the contract he knows your password and is allowed to use it for any reason he wants, including stealing all of your bitcoins before he discards the domain.”

    Has anyone noticed how he let the buckysroom domains expire (as I predicted) and kept thenewboston.com?

    Apparently someone has… https://www.thenewboston.com/forum/topic.php?id=10843

    … and what is this? Another user wrote how they can’t access the bitcoins anymore? Hmmmm…

    … but he’s so generous and honest, right? Yeh, right! Always is and always was a scam artist. I wonder what he’s cooking up next?

  5. Bob says:

    Guys call each other names like idiot or worse all the time, he was just being informal, if you don’t know this then you must be a girl because only a girl would be so sensitive. You really are just a TROLL, go get some counseling before you end up on CNN like all the other trolls that go on some kind of spree. Do you wear a trench coat?

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