Winning At All Costs

     I didn’t have any realistic hope that Ron Paul would emerge from the RNC’s convention as the pick.  Romney had overwhelming support.  HOWEVER, I did not expect the GOP, under the direction of Romney’s cronies, to break their own rules and avoid the basic system of democratic representation.  The Republican party, at the national level, has now guaranteed that the establishment will stay the establishment, pretty much no mater what the people’s wishes are for years to come.

SIDENOTE:  The Texas GOP is a little different.  I say ‘a little’ because they were/are going that direction also.  As of this year, even though there was a significant amount of ‘heated debate’, the overall result of the convention process was a representative of the people and mostly fair.

WHY:  So I have to wonder why the GOP choose to shutout all debate and run over people, even though they were thoroughly in control by vast numbers?  Simply following their own rules would have kept the grassroots / liberty folks involved and on-board.  Now all those people are disenfranchised, and they got the message loud and clear about who is in control, who will remain in control, and how those in control will treat the minority.  But why?  Sheer arrogance?  Paranoia?  Not sure it matters, because the result is that the GOP probably lost an important part of their support base.

I don’t know how anyone who claims to act on principle can support the national GOP after this, unless it is strictly on terms of trying to win the game at any cost.  (Saul Alinsky tactics)  I’ll likely focus my support somewhere else.

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