History of War in the USA

Not exactly what I learned while in the socialist education system, but here are some things all Americans will be better off knowing and understanding:

  • The Civil War was not about slavery.  It was about Lincoln denying the right of the Southern states to break away from the union.
  • Lincoln’s war of northern aggression turned these united States of America into the United States of America. 
  • Support for the US entering WWI was manufactured by those who desired war and profited from it.  (collusion of big business, big government, and big bankers)
  • Socialist dictator Franklin Roosevelt lied to the citizens of the US by running for president on a promise to keep us out of WWII.  He brought the US into the war by agreeing to do the bidding of big bankers.  He also knew the Japanese would attack us and allowed this to occur so public opinion would turn so we could enter the war.
  • The US has been in a constant state of war ever since the Korean war.  None of these wars have been properly authorized by the US legislative branch, as clearly defined is necessary in the US Constitution.   All of these wars are fought to benefit wealthy special interests, never to protect American citizens rights.

And a few more tidbits:

  • Our terrible entangling alliance and love affair with Israel is going to get us involved with more wars in the middle east.  (Iran)
  • War is used to further political agendas at the expense of human lives.
  • War is used to make profits and transfer wealth to those in power.
  • War destroys wealth
  • War destroys families
  • War creates lots of ‘blowback‘, unintended consequences, and new, enraged enemies of the US.

Read full article: “Propaganda, Lies, And War Submitted by Tyler Durden

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