Using the Victorio VKP250 to Make Plum Jam

Just a few days ago, Amber and I spent hours cutting up fresh plums from our fruit tree to make the most awesome batch of plum jam I’ve ever tasted.  After waterlogged fingers and tired feet we both thought there must be a better way.  Turns out there is.  It is a bad-ass gadget called the Victorio VK250 Food Strainer.  Oh, you also need the 4 piece accessory kit to go with it, and unless you are very good at cutting in the right place the first time, you will need a couple of extra spirals also.  What this genius mechanical wonder does is move the plum (or whatever fruit you are working with) down an ever-decreasing sized spiral path against a mesh to push out the stuff you want into one stack and the stuff you don’t want into a different stack.  You can change the size of the mesh with the choice of 4 different screens, but they only give you the choice of two different spirals.  If you have any brians and a saw of some sort, you can easily figure out how to make the spiral ‘shorter’ so that it passes a larger pit and makes less ‘mush’.  Without going into the details, I got a little ambitious with my saw and cut away too much, but it still worked about 500% faster than doing it by hand, even though I wound up wasting some good plum meat.


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3 Responses to Using the Victorio VKP250 to Make Plum Jam

  1. Rory Woods says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m glad to have found this as I’m brainstorming about how to jam some plums. I used one of these last fall to “sauce” some apples – after they’d been spiral cut and cooked down.

    Did you run the plums through the mill before or after cooking them?


  2. Kerry says:

    Ingenious! I had tried using the grape spiral for stone fruit before, but today I got out my chop saw and cut off 1.5 inches. My new Stone Fruit Spiral works wonders!

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