Advice to ‘Gay Rights’ Supporters

Every time the issue of ‘gay rights’ comes up on a ballot, voters overwhelmingly assert that marriage is between one man and one woman.  (I’ll have to explain why ‘gay rights’ belongs in quotes in another post)  Interesting to note that each time this happens (30 states so far) that the talking heads and Democrats and activitist are appalled at the outcome and accuse people of being homophobic or being bigots for voting to uphold the traditional definition.  It is also interesting to note that the same people put so little value on ‘the will of the people’ and move to get their pet project implemented in more nefarious ways, against the will of the people.  (ironically, exclaiming the whole time how we need more democracy!)

By my estimate support for homosexual couples is high and is trending upward.  By and large, young people don’t care about this issue, it is more of a non-issue compared to all the other things they are worried about.  Left alone, homosexuals would continue to receive more acceptance and of course have whatever ‘rights’ heterosexuals have under the law.  But this issue is thrust before us as a divisive wedge issue.

‘Gay rights’ advocates are using the same losing tactics as the ‘social conservatives’ are using.  Something to the effect of: “my religion dictates I act like X, so I will support using the force of government to make you comply with my religion”  (you can substitute ‘value system’, or ‘morals’ for ‘religion’)  See how this plays out— see what happened to Rick Santorum.  Eventually you get to the point where your religion clashes with other people and now you are forcing them to comply with your religion.

The answer is stop using the force of government to push your religion on others.  ‘Social conservatives’ are about to learn this lesson— their time controlling the Republican party is limited.  The answer is liberty.  My suggestion is to fight for natural rights such  as the right to enter into a contract.  They are already guaranteed by the US Constitution but restricted by unjust laws we have.  Let other people do what they want: “live and let live”.  Stop trying to redefine the term marriage, stop trying to shove your values down everyone’s throat.

Why does the state claim authority to define marriage at all?  Shouldn’t the issue of marriage be between the couple, the church, and God?  Fight to get the government out of your bedroom and out of your personal life.  Follow the US Constitution!

Retro-Wisdom from Dave:

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