3 Sheriff Candidates Explain What a Militia is

I cut out the 3 Collin County Sheriff’s answers to the question “What does the term milita mean in reference to the second amendment?” and added a little of my own commentary. I have some ideas for doing some more of these– it was interesting to me, and hope other folks get something out of it also.

Collin County Sheriff Candidates Answer Question “What does Militia Mean?”

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One Response to 3 Sheriff Candidates Explain What a Militia is

  1. Teri says:

    Brian, perfect answer!!!

    Fahad, please get over the racism thing. That is so 1960’s. This is 2012, and when you stop to really look, the only people still spreading racism are the ones that cause racial tensions. If people listen to them, then guess what? Racism will resurrect its nasty ugly head again and it’ll be worse than the 1960’s ever were. So please get off that bandwagon, and instead of spreading racism, shove it out the door, and don’t pay it any attention. It doesn’t deserve the attention it’s getting, and the attention upon which it feeds.

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