I Don’t Get It!

The tea party is (or was) about an out of control government. Too much spending, too much corruption, too much flip-flopping, too much power, too much lying, cheating, and stealing… According to the latest poll of Republican voters in South Carolina, Gingrich is the top pick, followed by Romney, then followed by Ron Paul. Of that group, Ron Paul is the ONLY person who really cuts spending, doesn’t participate in corruption, does not flip-flop, and does not try to grab more power, lie, cheat, or steal.

Christians have values like living honorably, but by a huge margin, they have selected Gingrich. Of the group, Gingrich is the slimiest, least-honorable man among them.

My simple explanation to this is that humans are idiots. This also explains how BO was elected, and why we continue to have terrible elected politicians in office doing terrible things. I’ll also say the tea party is all but dead. They (as a whole) don’t stand for anything of substance. And, I’ll go ahead and throw dirt at self-proclaimed Christians. If Newt Gingrich is your man, I’ll be ashamed to identify as a Christian.

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  1. Brian says:

    poll is at http://americanresearchgroup.com/pres2012/primary/rep/sc/

    I’m probably making too strong of a connection with the wording of this poll “do you support the tea party” and what I thought it meant: “I am a part of the tea party”.

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