The Electibility of Ron Paul – Part 4

Ron Paul is able to clearly articulate these important concepts even while being scoffed at on  national TV by a big-time establishment media-type.  (I would spontaneously combust under these conditions)  He remains cool and directly answers the questions with great answers.

This is not new to Ron Paul supporters, but watch this main-stream talking head get all crazy about topics that don’t fit well within his establishment-backed peabrain:
Ron Paul on CBS’s Face the Nation 11/21/11

Glenn Greenwald did a great job explaining what is happening here. It is more complicated than just “the mainstream media are idiots”.  It is similar to what I call ‘normalcy bias’, which is active in almost all of us.  (some much more than others!)  The antidote is ‘critical thinking’, or ‘complete thinking’, or just ‘thinking’.  Again, most of us think that we know how to think, but that is just ‘normal’!

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