Scott Adams Calls for New Government

He has advocated a better government using Internet technology and social media to influence the leaders within the current system, but now his position is bit more extreme:  (from his recent post The Leap Frog System)

 It’s time for a new system

He correctly identifies that the occupy wall street protesters are mad at the system, but I think he is way off when he says they will join forces with the tea party groups. The tea party groups are concerned with the preservation of the republic, and generally think the honoring the original framework is the way to fix it. From what I’ve gathered, the wall street protesters favor a more socialist replacement to our current system.
I can’t help but to wonder if this might be the start of something larger. I don’t think our economy is going to recover because all the underlying problems still exist like they did in 2008. The federal (and state, and local) governments are still unwilling to make meaningful cuts to their spending. Both sides of the political theater don’t seem willing to work for betterment of everyone if it would scar their ego a bit.
I also don’t think a constitutional convention is a good idea. We suck at picking leaders. What makes anyone think the group of people we pick to create a new system will 1) have the qualifications to do so, or 2) won’t be a victim of the corruption we are trying to fix?

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