It’s The Bankers Fault!

Anonymous released another creepy video.  They are telling us it is the bankers fault.  I don’t really disagree with this, but what I’m more interested in is where this is all going.  The protests on Wall Street don’t seem to involve a large quantity of people.  Lots of armchair quarterbacks are rooting them on, but I have questions like, “will this gain traction?”  Liberals seem to be most exciting about the ‘movement’, because of it’s anti-corporate theme.   (and I have to laugh at facts like this picture points out)  My wish is for what Dan Carlin asked for in his most recent show  — How about all the different groups like the Wall Street protesters and the Tea Partiers stop being pawns of the divisive political tricks and agree on ONE thing — that we demand a government that is beholden to and representative of us (we the people), not the big-money corporations, banks, interest groups, etc.”  Can we stop playing all the BS games and arguing about everything else to agree on this one thing?  (I don’t think so, but it is nice to think positive)


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