Damon’s Backyard – Dallas Texas

We covered the topic of small animals today in my PDC class.  We took a field trip down to a ‘beginners’ (his words) garden a few blocks away to see his chickens.  The first thing I saw was his tomato plants!  I couldn’t believe how huge they were!  After a few minutes of shock, I started noticing all the other things Damon has done to make his backyard more useful and enjoyable.  I didn’t want to leave.  He has a really cool chicken coup that allows the birds to travel freely between their fancy coup and their side yard.  Then I turned a corner and noticed his bee hive.  He installed a water feature to keep the bees happy, and to prevent his neighbor’s pool from being used as a bee watering hole.  The bamboo are recycled window shades, used to dress up his potato stacks.  His back fence is made from hog panels, and doubles as trellis for climbing plants.


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