Soil Cube Winner

I just received word that I am the winner of a free soil cube tool.  I’ve been hearing about this tool from multiple sources, and of course I’ve wanted to try it out to see how it works.  The contest was on the Self Sufficient Gardener’s facebook page.  I just started listening to Jason’s podcast a short while ago.  He puts out a show every week, and the ones I’ve listened to are very informative.  I’m just getting started in looking through all the information on his website and the forum, and I think I’ll purchase his e-book because he says there is a ton of information in there too.

Of course I’m happy to win a cool tool that I’ll use, but there is something else about this situation that is exciting.  This guy is doing all kinds of things (website, blog, podcast, forum) that centers around something he is passionate about.  He is able to help people, create community around a common interest, AND he is able to (at least on some level) make some money on the effort.  (probably not much yet)  He is building his reputation and his resume.  He is building a future, and creating wealth.  He is a perfect example of how we are changing as a result of social media.  He is ahead of the curve.  And for the people who think this whole ‘virtual’ thing is superficial, I’ll challenge you:  If Jason and I sat down in person to talk, I’ll bet you $100 that we could have an interesting and engaging conversation for 2 hours without even trying.  I feel very lucky to be alive at a time when so much is changing!


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3 Responses to Soil Cube Winner

  1. Alice says:

    Cool!! That’s a neat thing to have. I just don’t quite understand why (or how) the roots don’t actually grow to the outside edge of the soil cube. Puzzled. But maybe I’ll figure it out.

    • Brian says:

      hehe, I think it is because roots don’t like light, so they stop growing when they get to the edge. There is an interview podcast of the owner of the company that is in ‘my queue’, maybe he answers it for sure!

  2. Dene Brock says:

    Awesome! I was hoping to win one too.. LOL but I’m always happy to share in the joy of someone else’s good fortune.. :) Congratulations!

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