Quadrasteer Carrier – Trac-Lok

The new Dana Trac-Lok carrier I ordered doesn’t fit.  (Supposed to be a standard Dana 60 component)  It is overall about 3/16″ shorter than the one that came out of the axle.  I didn’t think that would be necessarily wrong, so I looked at the dimension between the carrier shim surface and the ring mounting surface.

Original: 1.255″     New: 1.120″

Comparing the ring side edge of the carrier to the ring mount surface, I get:

Original: 2.266     New: 2.134″

Overall length:

Original: 8-18/32″ (8.5625)     New: 8-12/32″ (8.375)

Shim surface to shim surface:

Original: 6-1/2″ (6.5)     New: 6-10/32″ (6.3125)

This seems like it will take 3/16″ of extra shims.  I don’t think this is right, that is a big hunk of shims.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish this project today, I’ve gotta get the right carrier.  

Original Carrier 1.255"

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  1. Zach says:

    So I have the same issue right now, did you ever find the right carrier? I have got two wrong carriers from the dealer and they can’t seem to find the right one. The one I got from the dealer is the same as the one you got.
    Thanks Zach

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