Garden Update – October 11, 2009

img_4626I’ve had some little broccoli and spinach seedlings for over a week now, but it has been raining every day it seemed.  I put on my work boots and slopped through the backyard to get them in the dirt this evening.  The rain gauge had 5″ of rain in it.  I tore out 4 okra plants that were getting huge.  I never did harvest the okra, not sure I’ll plant any of this next year.
img_4630 These are a few lettuce plants I bought from North Haven Gardens a few weeks ago. This cool wet weather seems to make them pretty happy.
img_4631 Here are some little spinach plants popping up from seed planted a few weeks ago. I’m told that spinach will grow all winter long in the DFW area. I hope they are right.
img_4634 The pepper plants are still producing. I wonder how much longer it will be before they give up with our cold weather. I need to pick off some of the peppers and save the seeds. Those little bell peppers are the best tasting ones I’ve ever had. I’m going to plant lots of them next year.
img_4635 The cantaloupe has pretty much died too. I was hoping for more production out of these plants. The fruit I did get was very tasty.
img_4636 The pole beans I planted in the spring are still producing, even though I haven’t keep them picked. The pre-made nylon string webbing worked better than the natural fiber twine I used. I’ll try to stock up on this stuff for next year.
img_4637 The pole beans I planted with my corn in the early spring are still producing too. They would have been better off with something to climb, but I just left them in the bed to add nitrogen to the soil for next year.

img_4638 Here are some bush beans I planted a few weeks ago, just as a cover crop.
img_4639 The tomato plants grew VERY TALL. I kept the sucker vines trimmed, as recommended by the Square Foot Gardening method and planted the plants only 12″ apart. I think these things would grow 20′ tall if you let them.
img_4640 Several of the cloves of garlic I planted a few weeks ago are turning into plants now and poking up through the soil.
img_4641 These are the new spinach and broccoli plants I planted tonight. These plants should last throughout the winter.
img_4642 This is the bed close to the back door. You can see the little pea plants in a row along the wall.

img_4643 Another garlic plant.

img_4644 Peas on the left, cauliflower, and a broccoli plant surrounded by some herbs.  There are some tiny plants coming up to the right, which I think are some lettuce that I planted a few weeks ago.
img_4645 The strawberry plants next to the fence have really spread out. I might have to transplant them somewhere else in the spring. There is also lettuce, spinach, cauliflower and peas here.
Lots of cilantro is growing in random places. It must have reseeded itself from this spring.
img_4647 Buttercrunch lettuce is ready to start harvesting already.


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