Another Social Networking Tool

Shameless self promotion?

My good buddy Dave suggested consolidating all the social networking tools I’m trying to use to create a “one stop shop for all things Brian”. friendfeedEither I am egotistical enough to think this is needed or I’m eager to fulfill my friend’s request, or I thought it was a cool idea, but I found a pretty good way to do just that. Enter Someone has already filled this need! So now, if you want to know when I’ve updated my blog, added pictures to my picasa album, uploaded a youtube video, rated a news story on digg, added a bookmark on delicious, added a wish list item on amazon, added a business contact to my linkedin network, or make a rating on yelp it is all there, in several formats. You can view my friendfeed page or subscribe to my friendfeed newsfeed. If I sneeze on the Internet, you will know it! This takes lack of privacy to a new level. How about that for transparency?

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3 Responses to Another Social Networking Tool

  1. Maryanne says:

    This is cool. Haven’t seen this one yet. I have been using Digsby and pretty pleased with that one.

  2. Steve says:

    I believe “social networking” may be a misnomer. See you on Monday?

  3. David C says:

    You wanna know how I find out when you have updated your blog? I check your blog.

    You wanna know how I find new pictures you have added? I check your blog.

    You wanna know how I find your new youtube video? I check your blog.

    You wanna know how I find your favorite news articles? I check your blog.

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