Linux Mint

I just installed Linux Mint, and I am VERY impressed. I feel like I’m using a Mac now. All my hardware works out of the box, there are lots of little eye candy and actions going on. The interface is clean and cool. This is a slick distribution. If you have ever tried Linux in the past and become frustrated, I encourage you to give this one a chance.

On my last netbook (returned when the keyboard stopped working), I installed Ubuntu netbook edition. I was impressed with it, because it installed easily, found all the EEE-specific hardware, and was easy to use. The big problem came when I tried to watch some videos online. I had to install flash, then I learned that most online videos are in flash format, and wouldn’t play correctly on the low-powered netbook hardware. I was expecting the same issue with Mint, but no, it just worked. All the plugins I needed were already installed, and they worked! (sounds like a Mac to me). Mint has all the multimedia plugins and codecs already installed. In fact, I think it already has everything I need and want, but if not, that great package manager is just a click away, begging me to install something else.

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  1. Brian says:

    custom netbook/eeepc kernel makes all the Fn keys work, and lighten things up a bit

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