Fiberglass Fuel Tank Project

The only thing missing from having Betty 100% converted to run on vegetable oil is a real tank. Against the criticism of many, I wanted to build my own custom tank, out of fiberglass. I’ve always wanted to learn how to “make stuff” out of fiberglass, and I figured this would be a good way to teach myself how. The smart-asses telling me I shouldn’t do it just made me want to do it more.

I wanted the tank to use the odd-shaped area behind the wheel in the trunk. As I started building my form, I realized I better put some thought into how I’m going to remove the tank, because I’m sure there will be a time when removal will be required. That little detail made the tank size shrink quite a bit. I had to sacrifice area for wiggle room. This is a wedge I made that should give me enough clearance when finished to let me remove it. I used a 10-second two-part glue that worked great.

Here is the same piece in the trunk.

This is the form that provides a surface to build the tank walls not touching sheet metal. I’m using the sheet metal surfaces themselves for my form where I can. This stupid box took me about 6 hours to build. What a pain! I’ll have to destroy the box when I remove it from the fiberglass.

Same box, upside down.

First layer of fabric. I screwed up and tried to use a big sheet to start with. I think it is better to use a bunch of patches, building as you go.

So far, my fiberglassing skills have turned out to be on par with my welding skills. Not too good!

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2 Responses to Fiberglass Fuel Tank Project

  1. BigKen says:

    time and patience. take cold showers after working in ‘glass’, it closes your pores, and the ‘glass’ won’t imbed itself too bad, and make ya itch for a few weeks.

  2. Brian says:

    Today is going better. I’m working smaller areas and have my timing down better. It still looks like a disaster.

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