Live Green Expo

There was lots to see and do at the Live Green Expo. I could have stayed all day, but after a few hours of fighting the crowds, I was tired, and my hands were tired from carrying all the bags of free goodies and brochures.
Living Earth had samples of their compost, planting, and amendment blends, and some of their rock.

Elliots Hardware had a big booth with all kinds of neat stuff for sale.

Lots of high-priced rain barrels.

$700 attic fan, are you kidding me?

Lots of booths for insulation, remodeling, radiant barrier, rain gutters, etc.

A good garden center that I’ve never been to North Haven Gardens in right around the corner from my office.

I ran into Howard Garret (The Dirt Doctor). I was going to ask him why he hate peat moss so much and tell him he doesn’t know what he is talking about in regards to Square Foot Gardening, but I chickened out.

They were giving away worm farms, but I was too late. The city of Plano has hands-on classes about vermicomposting!

They also gave away composting bins, but I was there too late for that too. Plano does classes on composting too. If I ever go again, I’ll be sure and hit those booths FIRST!

There was an “electric car club” there, with some of their cars.

I sat in a SMART car. Strange little things.

Bunch of windmill and solar energy booths.

I have more pictures here if you want to look.

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2 Responses to Live Green Expo

  1. Shawn says:

    We saw lots of radiant barrier booths as well but weren’t ready to make a decision on the spot. Good thing we didn’t because we found RadiantGUARD on the internet and learned a lot from their website. There are a lot of “myths” out there from the different companies and this site seemed to address them all with some really good facts.

  2. David C says:

    I wouldn’t have minded going, but from southwest fort worth, I don’t think the trip would have been “green”

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