Thoughts on the Tea Parties

I paid attention to some of the news about yesterday’s tea parties, and wow, I’m blown away by some of the crap I came across. This is a good summary:


“Typical Conservative Republican Christian”
My friend Jack had some helpful things to say on the subject in today’s podcast. My notes:

A speaker standing up as moral Christian, abortion, gay marriage, gays in the military, stem cell research, anti-Obama, etc.
These tea parties are not about Republican, not about Christianity, not the right place for this…
Should be a simple message, supposed to resonate to simple Americans, not going to fix this system by putting it back in the hands of Republicans! “government is spending too much of our money, too many taxes”
Too much more “stuff” added on top of the core message… will only serve to further divide the potential audience

I thought these demonstrations were a great thing. I am so glad to see normal, tax-paying, suburbia-living, family-orientated, people getting out from in front of the television and being active in their community, sending a message to the people that are supposed to be representing our best interests they we are not pleased with the way things are going. With all the different topics that divide us, I hope we can put our differences aside and agree that huge central government and high taxes, and enormous government spending are all bad things that must be ended.

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