Tax Day Tea Party in Allen Texas

I’ve been hearing the buzz about this tax day tea party for days, lots of talk about it on facebook and I even received several emails about it from people who don’t typically send out a lot of emails. I convinced Amber that it would be a good idea to go check out the one closest to us, which was up in McKinney. I was very surprised to find the large number of people with signs as I drove through downtown Allen. I was actually moved, not sure why though, but looking at all of those people that obviously lived near me and share the same concerns I have shook me on the inside.

A county judge was speaking when we walked up. It was a little crazy, lots of cars honking as they drove by, lots of energy.

Then the mayor even said a few words.

Looks like the “Collin County Conservative Republicans” had something to do with this.

Bryson was a pretty good trooper for the event.

I wish I would have taken the video camera… many things were said that I thought were good points, but they didn’t stick in my brain. Even a little notebook and a pencil would have helped that!

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