Planter Box Rework

The planter box on the deck had a few issues. 1) There was only 4 inches of soil and 2) the grape vines came in contact with the soil, and they were constantly sending out roots that was robbing everything else of water and nutrients. By adding an extra 5/4 x 6 board and boxing around the vine penetrations, I solved both of these problems. I think I also solved the problem of having Dasher use the planter box as his look out point too, it is hopefully too tall for him to jump into now.

I saved the strawberry plants as I dug out the old dirt. I’m surprised anything grew in that stuff, it was rock hard, thin, and looked like it had zero nutrient content.

Here is a close up of the box job around a vine. Sturdy!

I have about 50 strawberries planted in the new soil now. They look much happier.

I noticed a huge difference when I watered. Before, the water would almost immediately start dripping though the planter box. Now, it absorbs a TON of water, like a huge diaper. (all that new compost, vermiculite, and potting soil should make a huge difference)

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