We Are the Church

A few points I picked up from Todd’s message today:
– You don’t go to “the church” you are “the church”, so be “the church”. (see footnote 1)
– We’ve stopped thinking, the church has lost it’s voice, we’ve had “convictions of convenience”. It is screwing this world up. We are the hope of the world. We must speak up. (silent majority)
– Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, says “Never Again”. It is happening again. Right now. It is the largest human rights violation in the world today.
– If you wait on the movie “Hotel Goma” to come out to find out what is going on, then shame on you.

Earlier this week, I was excited to learn that the “One Laptop Per Child” project was finally to the point where you can buy a laptop for a needy child. I was discussing buying one with my wife. Although I still feel that is a great cause, I don’t think it compares to the importance of helping out the people living in Congo right now. Besides money, they also need our help, military help, legal help, medical, etc. (we need to speak up and get involved to provide help to these people)

Here are some ideas:
– Contact your congressional representatives and ask for their help. You can use this sample letter. Go here and enter in your zip code to find your congresspersons. I just contacted my 2 senators and my representative via email, takes about 10 minutes total to fill out the form and copy in the letter to each person.
– Contact Obama and ask for his help too. His website is here.
– Donate money for the cause. Three Christian organizations fighting this injustice:
Watermark Church
World Vision
World Relief

footnote 1:
If anyone has had the experience of leading an organization, you know what this means. Most people (like typically over 90% from my experience) do not want to help, with anything, period. I just retired as the president of my homeowners association, so this experience is very fresh in my mind. People will line up to tell you what they want, but silence is the norm when you ask for volunteers.

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