The Rich get Richer and the Poor Poorer

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Saying that “a tax cut favors the rich” is either based on ignorance (given that you can only give a tax cut to someone that pays taxes, and that the “rich” are really the only ones that pay taxes in any substantial manner) or is disingenous (because the person knows this to be true, but makes the accusation anyway). The statement “a tax cut favors the rich” should be reworded “a tax cut favors those that pay taxes.” It would be just as accurate but obviously without the class warfare undertones. Unfortunately, those that state “tax cuts favor the rich” are usually hoping for those class warefare undertones, so hoping for them to use the more accurate and less divisive words is probably utopian.

The Rich get Richer and the Poor Poorer? No: Everyone got richer, but the rich got richer faster.

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