Amber Saves Betty from a Firey Death

I had Friday off, and was determined to make significant progress on the Betty/WVO project. I had already created the holes needed to run my HIH (hose-in-hose) assembly through a frame member of the car. I fought with those hoses all morning. I can’t tell you how many times I had installed one hose, tried to pull the second one in, removed them both, tried again, pulled from the other direction, etc, trying to get both of them installed. I gave up in disgust, ready to set the car on fire and be done with it!

The rain prevented me from having the desire to go outside and look at the problem on Saturday, and by Sunday I figured I needed a second set of hands. Amber agreed to lend me a hand. After she saw what I was doing, she pointed to a hole plug, and asked “why don’t you remove that plug and look in there to see what is causing the problem?” OK, that seemed logical, and I had never even noticed that hole plug before. (I had found about 5 others, which I had already removed) Sure enough, my pull wire was routed in a location where the big 3/4″ hose would never fit. 10 minutes later, we had both hoses in place, easy!

Amber is a genius and I am a moron.

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One Response to Amber Saves Betty from a Firey Death

  1. David Callaway says:

    She just doesn’t want you to give up on your car. (Cha-Ching!)

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