Can’t Wait for the Debates!

Now we have heard from both presidential candidates during their own national conventions. I responded to the two candidates in vastly differing ways. They both say much of the same thing. Change is coming.

It is hard for me to comprehend what McCain has been through and how his POW experience changed his life. What a great story. Then you have Palin’s story, again, a great one. Is it just a story? I hope not.

Country first. Humility. Ownership. Accountability. Transparency. Integrity. Serve a cause greater than yourself. John McCain is right on.

I’ve always had feelings of mistrust for Obama. Maybe it is all the flash and sizzle and smooth talking and charisma. Maybe it is that he seems to play on our fears and his promise of “hope and change”, jobs for everyone, prosperity for everyone… these things strike me as socialism, and that scares me, even if it is a trend in our society.

Emotions are high; facts are getting distorted and words are being twisted and taken out of context. Spin. I hate the spin. I hate the rah rah of the conventions…

Lets move on to the debates, I can’t wait!

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