Betty-Wilma Seat exchange

The biggest thing I noticed when driving Betty this weekend (besides the broken air conditioning and lack of radio) was the broken seat. It leans to the left and creates a sore back in no time. I decided to switch the driver’s seat with Wilma until I can get it fixed. I’ve priced a refurbished seat spring at $400. New seat cover is $300. New lower seat cushion is $50. This is about $600 more than I’m willing to spend on the car!
When I removed Betty’s seat, I found that it was broke in 3 locations:

Wilma’s seat was broken in one location… so I had to decide what to do. I thought I could repair it by welding, which I attempted and managed to stick it back together, but it looks terrible.

Here is what the situation looked like.

This is from Wilma, the “clean” car. All of the “dandruff” is from the deterioration of the seat cushion.

And this is from Betty, the “dirty” car. It doesn’t look as bad as the other one because I’ve already invested about an hour of work with the shopvac. This is just the stuff that was so far under the seat that I couldn’t get to it until I removed the seat. There were used toothpicks, lighters, and the gunk of numerous spilled drinks down there. It was gross.

Amber wasn’t too fond of my new contrasting color scheme.

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