Mountain Biking at Erwin Park

Amber and I tried to ride our bikes through Erwin Park in McKinney. One of the websites has this trail listed as a “beginner’s trail”. I am telling you that is a load of BS! Check out this video to get some idea of what is there:


There are plenty of obstacles to get through, trees laying across the trail, very tight areas where your handlebars just barely fit, uphill climbs that will wear you out, downhill twisteis that put your nerves to the test, and then there are the dips. Wow, I thought they looked like fun, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how fast it all happens. It’s like being on a roller coaster but you are pretty sure it will crash into a tree at any instant.

We made it about halfway through the loop before we found a paved road and headed back to the car. I’m having trouble getting around tonight… We peddled 5.5 miles, which took us almost an hour.

I hope go back soon and give it another try.

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