Check your Automotive Insurance Prices

When I looked into adding Betty to our insurance policy, I got a quote from a few online agencies for comparison reasons. It turns out that I’m paying a bunch more (41%) than I need to. It seems paying that cute lizard to perform all those cute TV commercials is costing me a big chunk of money. I wrote in to tell them I was about to cancel their service because they were the most expensive I found, and they responded by telling me that I was receiving their lowest rate. How about that?

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One Response to Check your Automotive Insurance Prices

  1. Matt says:

    I don’t know about their prices, but when I was rearended by a drunk driver earlier this year (no joke; 10:30 Saturday morning and the guy blew a 0.218), I had lots of difficulty dealing with his Geico insurance to get my car fixed. Allstate may be a bit more expensive, but the times when you need insurance are exactly the wrong times to want to get hassled.

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