Constant State of Disrepair

I’ve learned that the downside to all the neat vehicle modifications I’ve done is that there is always something that isn’t working right. My level switch in the water/meth tank went out, so I popped the hood to change it out. I happened to notice this.

That was a cap that I installed to plug up the port in the throttle that was being used for the PCV system. (had to re-route the hose when the supercharger was installed because PCV requires a vacuum, and the supercharger causes pressure) So this little 50-cent part was now a huge vacuum leak, plus a boost leak… not sure how bad because now my water/meth pump doesn’t seem to be working so good, so I’m scared to get over 3500 RPM… Here is my fix… it should last as long as the truck I think.

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One Response to Constant State of Disrepair

  1. Matt says:

    If that fix doesn’t work, try duct tape and cardboard. That combination of materials can outperform any other material combination.

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