BetterInvesting Workshop

I went to a mutual fund workshop this morning. I got a kick out of the flowchart below. (get money, decide what to do with it, poof, it’s gone!)

I happened to stumble on this group of folks from an Internet search. I had read that investing clubs were some of the best places to learn. BetterInvesting is a volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to teaching individual investors and investment clubs. I was very impressed with what all I got for my $40. They provided breakfast, lunch, a nice color book, a handful of worksheets and handouts, plus some pretty decent lecture time. We covered enough material to make me pretty comfortable in comparing and picking mutual funds now. It’s amazing that there are 17,000 mutual fund choices out there! I’ve always stuck with broad index funds for money I wasn’t investing with the Kim Snider method.

I was really impressed with the information I received, and I’m eager to find out more. I’m going to try to find a local investment club and check them out. Aside from the row of yapping women sitting behind me and the scary woman that sat next to me, the workshop was a great experience. I recommend that anyone interested in learning how to take care of your money look into this organization.

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