New Vacuum Hose

Another box of parts came in today for the Benz Twins.

I had a few minutes and changed out the main vacuum hose assembly and replaced the breather hose assembly on Betty.

She started right up. I drove her around the block. The engine runs good, nice and strong. It has no power off the line, but once the turbo spools up, it is pretty respectable. The transmission shifts hard and late. I remember reading about an adjustment for that… Something else to add to the list.

Speaking of “the list”. I decided it would be wise to keep a running total of how much money (and time) I spend on this little project. My goal is to run the cars on waste vegetable oil to save fuel costs (and of course to help the environment too). If you are interested in following the costs, you can view them on this spreadsheet. Eventually, I’ll be able to see if/when I get ROI.

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