Company Picnic

We went to the annual company picnic out at White Rock Lake today. It was a nice day, except for a bit of wind. Bryson kept us busy, he walked all over the place!

Want to learn to play guitar?

Damon posing as a gay man.

Swinging is always fun.

Holly and Steve brought their newborn… Cooper seemed to do great.

How do you keep an Aggie occupied for hours? Bubbles!  (oops, that’s not an Aggie, I am blind)

Engineer says: “this kite will work better if I modify the length of the….”

I think Jon finally got a break after cooking all the food.

“Are you almost done playing around with that kite? I’m ready to play”

“If you don’t put that camera down, I’ll knock it out of your hand”

“I am too cool for words to describe”

How many engineers does it take to free a kite from the tree?

All the pictures, plus a few bonus ones are here.

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