Storms Last Night

As far as I know, we didn’t receive any damage from all the winds last night. Many of my neighbors had fences blown down. I figure I’ve replaced and patched mine enough that it is pretty strong now.

The house where Bryson stays during the day had a house in their backyard, along with a tipped over porta-potty. (there was a new construction behind their house)


The news reported that several (4?) tornadoes came through DFW that night.  The closest one to our house was about 4 miles to the west.

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One Response to Storms Last Night

  1. Michael Berryman says:

    It’s so unfair……
    That’s what I thought when I saw you toiling over your new auto purchases.
    Here’s why:
    I recently paid $500.00 for a delivered 1993 Honda Civic that was not running.
    Replaced the fuel filter ( $12.95) , distributor cap ($21.95), rotor ( $8.95), spark plugs ($8.75) and car started and ran well.
    Went ahead and had timing belt replaced, all belts changed out, transmission serviced ($349.00).
    Finally, changed the oil filter and oil , air filter, serviced the fuel injectors ( $42.00).
    Car is already inspected and registered until the end of April.
    So, for less than $1,000.00 I now have a car that gets approximately 36 miles to the gallon and has: Power steering, automatic transmission, A/C , heat, cruise control, power windows, power locks, powered moon roof, powered mirrors, an Alpine XM-radio and CD changer, almost new tires, a V-tech super cool engine that saves even more gas, ABS, air bags, cup holder, …….I could go on and on.
    I now have 110 miles on the re-conditioned wonder…. and you are putting engine mounts on a mercedes?
    It is just not fair…..thank you Brian for passing up this once in a lifetime deal.

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