Entry for February 21, 2008 – I think he's a genius!

I’ve been amazed to watch Bryson’s development recently. When he figured out how to make the ball-blowing toy/machine work, I was convinced that he was the smartest kid of all time.

Looking back on the fact that he also stuffs square blocks in the round tube, which prevents it from working, my judgment might be a little off. I’m also wondering what all I’m going to lose when he figures out how the toilet works.

Here he is walking around with a block in his mouth. I figure he does this to maximize his payload capacity. You know, kinda the same reason my pickup has a roofrack.

Bryson’s cousin, John Marshall, came over for a visit.

After he left, Bryson started getting really cranky and acting like his ear hurt. Amber knew exactly what was happening. He has had a drippy nose, and now he had an ear infection. We went to the all-day kiddy hospital and had him looked over and brought home some antibiotics.

Adding to the nose-drip is the massive drool issue. Turns out he is also cutting a new tooth. He walked around all day with this toy in his mouth.

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