Entry for January 20, 2008 – Construction work in the cold

It was cold to me at least… some people from other parts of the world would argue.

Brandon and I made more progress on the (now long-term) shed project. We built the gable extensions, put up half the fascia (didn’t have enough wood to do the other side) and put half of the roof decking up. It was nice to make some good progress, but it was very cold working up high in the wind, and I really don’t much care for working on a roof in the first place. We are getting close to completion though.

The nice roof framing:

Paintball splatters from the “practice session” in the backyard a few weekends ago.

Bryson came out to see what all the noise was about.

Amber decided to get artistic with the camera.

I don’t know why my hat is crooked.

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