Entry for March 14, 2007 – Doctor Visit Turned into Hospital Stay!

We went in for Amber’s doctors appointment at 3:15 this afternoon. The doctor asked several questions, then broke the news to us. “Today was your last day at work, you are to stay home from now on because your blood pressure is high.” Of course if you know Amber, you know what this news did to her blood pressure! “I’m not ready, I have this and that and ……”

They drew some blood for some tests, and one of the results was on the high side, so we visited with the doctor again, this time the news was even better. She said, “I want you to walk over to labor and delivery right now, we need to keep you here for observation. We are going to re-do this blood work again in 6 hours. At that time, depending on the results, you can either go home, or you are having your baby now.”


So we get checked in to the hospital, go through all the paperwork, questions, more specimens, hooking up of monitor equipment, this is all happening pretty fast. We watch TV. The nurse comes in every hour or so and re-adjusts the monitor sensors. There was an “ER” marathon on TV, we watched them all. By the time 11 o’clock rolls around, the lady had come and pulled some more blood. Now it was time to wait on the results, then wait on the doctor’s decision. At midnight, the nurse told us everything looked good, we could go!

Whew! That was fun.

(By The Way) Do you notice Amber’s blured hand in the picture? Have you seen her talk on the phone? :)

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One Response to Entry for March 14, 2007 – Doctor Visit Turned into Hospital Stay!

  1. Jonathan S says:

    Glad all are well. Keep that baby and mom safe. Yea, that is how it happens, "your having your baby now"; Scott came 3 weeks, 2 days early. Good times. :)

    Enjoy everyday you get just as a couple; you are in the final days of sleeping and a quiet dinner. ALL the sleep in the world is no trade for how wonderful babies are. You'll love it!! N

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