Entry for October 24, 2006 – It's (going to be) a Boy!

We had another appointment with the baby doctor today, and had lots of ultrasound pictures taken.  We were excited to see the baby moving and everything looks normal for this young of age.  We were able to determine the sex, and he is a boy.  He is about six inches in length. 

Now we need to come up with a name.


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2 Responses to Entry for October 24, 2006 – It's (going to be) a Boy!

  1. Jonathan S says:

    Hooray! Boys are the BEST!!!!! Plus, they are cheaper to clothe!

    Luke. It is a good strong, manly name. And, you can't shorten it any. Like Jonathan, sometimes people want to call him Jon and even once he corrects them some will still call him Jon.

    Luke Gallimore. I like it. :)

    Only other 2 cents(since you asked) is nothing trendy. You don't want your kids to have the same name as 1/2 of their classmates. Yuck. Like Isabel, we had Isabel as a girls name….then I realized how many girls are named Isabel….it quickly was not an option for us.

    You can go to the Social Security website and view the most popular names by year. It is very interesting. You should check it out.


  2. sybil V says:

    I think you should have as a middle name for your son "
    dale", for you and your Dad. Grandma

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