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Michael Badnarik Explains how in Increase your Constitutional Kung Foo

 When Michael Badnarik (constitutionpreservation.org) left Texas almost 5 years ago, I was bummed because I figured I wouldn’t ever have a chance to take his constitution class again.  I was late to the liberty movement and seemed to miss some … Continue reading

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Necessary and Proper Clause of the US Constitution

A good question to ask any federal law-maker spewing off we need to ‘do something’ to fix whatever manufactured problem of the day is (the problem they themselves likely contributed to) is “Where in the US Constitution do you derive … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up Your Rights

Based on another story about police’s blatant disregard for our basic human rights and possible motivation for stuffing the local coffers, I wanted to share some basic information  about rights and how police might try to encourage you to give them up … Continue reading

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Liberty Links

Brian’s list of pro-liberty web links: Michael Badnarik’s Constitution class:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nOMbfsgZ9s Hillsdale College Constitution 101: http://constitution.hillsdale.edu/ The John Birch Society: http://www.jbs.org/ Bob Schulz’s “We the People Foundation”, “We the People Congress”, “Constitution Lobby”, and “The Articles of Freedom”: http://givemeliberty.org/ Social Media platform dedicated … Continue reading

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Unqualified Congress Candidates

Thursday night at the Allen Area Patriots meeting I witnessed something that made my eyes pop out!  Here is a little background: The two challengers in the US Congress District 3 race (Currently held by Sam Johnson) agreed to participate … Continue reading

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The Purpose of the US Government

If there is one thing I wish everyone understood it is this: The purpose of the US Government as defined by the US Constitution is to protect the individual rights of its citizens. The rights of humans do not come … Continue reading

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Where is Your Line in the Sand Going to Be?

5 minutes from Michael Badnarik’s 8-hour class on the US Constitution explaining what liberty really means: NO, I WILL NOT COMPLY! PERIOD

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