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Michael Badnarik Explains how in Increase your Constitutional Kung Foo

 When Michael Badnarik (constitutionpreservation.org) left Texas almost 5 years ago, I was bummed because I figured I wouldn’t ever have a chance to take his constitution class again.  I was late to the liberty movement and seemed to miss some … Continue reading

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You Have Rights – the Government has Privilages

(go to 6m43s mark) “All of our political problems in the United States are based on the fact that Americans do not understand the difference between rights and privileges”

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News, Bits, Links – February 6, 2013

First Class Non-Domestic: 3 cents on a letter is all you need!  Don’t use zip codes, don’t use state abbreviations.  This is “outside the united states”, which means Washington DC.  All 50 states, any military base, any federal zone! — … Continue reading

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Where is Your Line in the Sand Going to Be?

5 minutes from Michael Badnarik’s 8-hour class on the US Constitution explaining what liberty really means: NO, I WILL NOT COMPLY! PERIOD

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How Bad Do Things Have To Get Before You Do Something?

via YouTube – How Bad Do Things Have To Get Before You Do Something?.

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Death of Bin Laden

     I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t had time to read much of the analysis of the Bin Laden death, but I had a awkward feeling when I heard the talking heads tell me I need to be joyous and … Continue reading

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